If you ask people to describe their ideal job, many would talk about owning a business to get more freedom, money & respect. However, many people end up staying with their nine to five jobs where they feel underappreciated and underpaid. So, what is holding them back from achieving their dreams? One major factor is that people do not want to leave their comfort zone. If you dream of owning a business but don’t know how to leap into entrepreneurship, join us for this workshop! Kelley Rice, owner of Imagination Print & Design, will share her story of how she left her comfort zone and describe the journey she took to open her business. Hopefully, her story will inspire you to do the same!


About the presenter:

Kelley Rice started Imagination Print & Design in 2005 out of her passion for graphic design. In 2010 she made it her full-time career. She wants to be able to not only deliver a well-designed product to clients but also be able to provide the final quality printed piece. Her clients didn’t have to worry one bit about the process. Since then, her team has grown, and she’s loved every moment of the journey!