Join Oswegrow for a roundtable discussion on how to more effectively leverage social media to market your business, moderated by Sara Troyer. Details coming soon.


About the presenter:
Sara Troyer is a small business advisor and a branding and marketing consultant for small and mid-sized companies. Sara Troyer Design is a full-service marketing and branding company that specializes in web design and visual branding.

Marketing writer and consultant Jon Davis discusses how many businesses use similar generic language to market themselves and how they can make it more distinctive. He also talks about writing content that attracts online search engines without losing audience focus or relevance. Jon works with clients to develop original marketing messages in an array of print and digital formats including ads, blogs, brochures, feature articles, email marketing, social media, press releases, and more.


About the presenter:

Operating as The Eloquent Arrow, Jon specializes in writing, editing and brand strategy for business marketing and communications. He connects businesses with their audience through compelling, focused and accurate messages. His partners and clients include companies of all sizes, marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, and independent graphic designers and consultants.