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What value does your business really provide to customers and clients, and how will you turn those potential clients from complete strangers into to leads, sales, advocates and promoters of your product? The Customer Value Journey: Optimization and Funnel Design shows you how to market your business by intentionally and predictably transforming ice cold prospects into the kinds of loyal customers who buy again and spread the word. By the end of this workshop you will have outlined the road map for intentionally and predictably moving your customers along a journey (we call it the sales funnel) from new lead to a loyal customer and vocal advocate for your business.

Presenter Francesca Hindmon is the president and founder of Monarch & Company, a digital marketing and cloud technology based in Chicago that specializes in business process transformation. Founded in 2016, Monarch & Company helps you grow your business through improved business processes using cloud technology and team collaboration.

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How does one know if their marketing is working? Defining what success looks like ahead of time helps us track and measure our results. From your website to all other marketing initiatives, we will discover how we can track and measure activities that support your goal. Assessing your overall marketing plan and budget, we will focus on what activities bring the greatest return to help you strategically plan and allocate resources for greater success. Join us and register to reserve your spot now.

What is the difference between an employee and an independent contractor? Who will care if you confuse the two? Well, the federal and state taxing authorities, Department of Labor, unemployment compensation boards, and workplace safety commissions, to name a few. Our presenter, SCORE Mentor Fran Zollers, will teach you how to evaluate the factors that distinguish contractors from employees and discuss the financial and legal consequences of improper characterization.

Fran Zollers is a Professor Emerita of Law & Public Policy at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. Her teaching areas include business organizations, entrepreneurship law, and intellectual property.

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Interpersonal skills and relationship building are the foundation of any organization. Presenter Anna Weselak will share strategies for communication, teamwork, customer service, management styles, job applicant screening, and leadership development within an organization. She will also provide insight on how to deal with difficult people! Join us and register to reserve your spot now.

What do you do when you have a great business model, good clients, but not enough money to pay the bills or expand? What do you do when your business has outgrown your cash flow? Find out how to raise capital for your growing business at FUNDING A SMALL BUSINESS.

Learn about what investors, banks, and private equity firms are looking for when they consider lending or investing in your business, and learn what investors do with your information. Presenter and SCORE mentor Larry L. Jones will help you fully understand what investors require, and help you prepare before you talk to banks and investors so that you can get the working cash you need to grow your small business.

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