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Progress Through Diversity

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Our nation has a proud heritage of community service organizations that have carried generations through difficult times in our nation’s history. However, those organizations did not foresee the need to diversify their membership over time. 

Stacey Limacher has experience in addressing the issues and challenges of diversity in organizations. In her leadership role with one of the oldest and most established service organizations in the world, she has shown that successful organizations acknowledge that women are an integral part of any service organization.

Associations need to empower female members to increase their membership numbers, promote gender parity, and get them more involved at all levels of the association, including leadership. 


The deadline to register is May 19 at noon. Read the minimum registration requirement below.

About the presenter:

Stacey Limacher is the owner of Fathom Media, a commercial audiovisual company, the President of the Oswego Lions Club, and the Founding Director of the DEN Community Group. Her background is in sales and marketing. She has experience in fundraising and event planning. Stacey’s passion is using her experience to create greater awareness for community connection and engagement.


Minimum Registration

A minimum of 5 people are required to be registered for the workshop to commence. If less than 5 people have registered the event, the program will be cancelled and registrants will be notified via email.


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