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Confidence, Authority and Expertise: How to Project What You’ve Already Got

Men and women communicate differently. Learn how to identify and leverage those differences to project confidence and authority from the moment you step into the room. 

This workshop, instructed by CEO Theresa Sperling, will teach you how to listen more closely to identify communication differences in your everyday life and apply that knowledge to command a room. You’ll learn about:

  • The seemingly subtle differences in word choice and phrases and how they make a big impact
  • The difference between what you say (and how you say it) and what the opposite gender may actually hear
  • Strategies for projecting authority and expertise

You’ll leave with simple techniques you can practice and employ to garner respect from male and female colleagues and communicate more effectively.


About the presenter:

Theresa Sperling, the CEO and Lead Trainer for Achieve That Next Level, has been involved in the training industry since 1993. Over her career, she has naturally gravitated toward training new employees and mentoring those beginning their careers. As an active member of Toastmasters for over ten years, Theresa has earned several awards for speaking and leadership. She thoroughly enjoys working people to help them share their message. She truly believes that everyone has something to say and the world is waiting to hear it. 




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