About Us

Oswegrow assists entrepreneurs and small business owners in all stages of business growth.

Oswegrow, created in 2017, is a partnership between the Village of Oswego and the Oswego Public Library District. Oswegrow’s mission is to support local area small businesses and entrepreneurs, accelerate business growth, and promote economic development.

Oswegrow aims to provide reliable information to get your business off to a great start and continue to flourish. We offer valuable free resources to help you write a business plan, research target demographics and competitors, as well as find information about starting a business or growing an existing one in or around Oswego, Illinois.

In addition to these resources, Oswegrow works with SCORE and other nonprofit associations dedicated to fostering small businesses. They provide one-on-one mentoring and free educational workshops that are led by experienced business leaders.

To learn more about our business support services, visit our Resources page or contact the Village of Oswego’s Department of Economic Development.