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Whether you are in the stages of planning a new business or are operating an existing one, you can find a variety of resources to meet your business needs.

  • Information to help you start or grow your business in Oswego, Illinois
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  • Opportunities to network and connect with small business mentors
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Get inspiration and ideas on how to vet ideas, write business plans, and get organized from the get-go.

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Gale Demographics Now

Access to detailed demographic data to gain consumer and market insight.

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Gale Entrepreneurship

Includes resources for learning how to start, finance, and manage a small business with sample business plans, how-to guides, articles and websites.

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More Business Resources

Meet one-on-one with a business librarian or the Village of Oswego's Economic Development team, book a meeting room, and much more.

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Oswegrow is a partnership between the Oswego Public Library District, the Village of Oswego, and Fox Valley SCORE that provides opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs to learn and grow their businesses in Oswego.